Antiquary Update

I’m working towards consolidating my online ‘presence’, which may incorporate importing some blogs, and exporting others. But it’ll simplify things if my work is in one place. I’m aiming to bring together research and education information on my professional website, and may at some point migrate this blog over there. In the meantime I’ll either post blogs here, or on both sites.

Gluts of work (and work prep) don’t leave much time for blogging (the freelance ‘academic’ seems to have the worst of both worlds), and over the last few months I’ve been working on new courses, educational events, and resources (and yet have much to do) – as outlined here, here, and here; and I’ve been spending much time on one of the public history projects that I co-direct.

So I’ve lots of catching up to do – and I apologies for the time it’s taken me to upload the various photos that I’ve taken of different groups portraying history in their own fascinating, knowledgeable, and culturally alluring and informative ways. Catching up will be a gradual process, but I hope that something of interest will whet the appetite of at least some while I develop more detailed posts.


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