Material Worlds of Jane Austen HODs Exhibition – the Morning After!

Having been enmeshed in the Heritage Open Days exhibition for quite a while, I can now breathe a sigh of relief that it came off better than I had anticipated. It was great to see so many visitors, and to chat with those I was able to get to – overall, I found the event an enjoyable experience!

I had hoped that my photographer could take some shots of visitors ‘in action’, but the stream of visitors through and gathered in the somewhat over-full hall effectively confined him to the front room of the house, from which he’d have only been able to take photos of the backs of heads! So if any visitors took photos, I’d really appreciate copies!

Numbers also prevented visitors from having a go at the activities I had prepared – most being on the theme of willow pattern plate: reassembling the sherds jigsaw, plate ‘dating game’, and spot the difference ceramic styles activity, but also a few relating to urban & rural landscapes, and antiquarianism. But I may be able to present some online – I’ll look into how that might work.

I’ll continue to live with the exhibits for a few more days (I’ve nearly become used to them, but am looking forward to getting my favourite pictures back on the wall!), so that the photographer can take photos, with the aim of putting displays online.

I received some useful feedback (more would be welcome so that I might improve subsequent events), which has already encouraged me to think about next year’s Heritage Open Days festival, in which I hope to again participate. If so, I might next time run a ticketed (though still free) event, to enable visitors to more easily interact with displays, and participate in activities.

Thanks again to everyone who came along  – I hope that I shall see some at future events!


2 thoughts on “Material Worlds of Jane Austen HODs Exhibition – the Morning After!

    1. Dr Kirsten Jarrett Post author

      I don’t think we could have fitted any more in anyway! Will hopefully hold another next year (Georgian again, though a different angle / theme).



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