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Material Culture of Death and Grief: Victorian – Edwardian Mourning Wear & Jewellery, and Post-Mortem Hair

Black silk cape: late Victorian - Edwardian

Black silk cape: late Victorian – Edwardian

Having been given a batch of Victorian & Edwardian mourning and evening wear, a piece of mourning jewellery, a piece of post-mortem hair, and finding a possible piece of post-mortem hair amongst my heirlooms, I’ve posted the photos on Flickr (before I get to work on them with needle & cotton – so that we can use them for an upcoming event of a community archaeology project that I lead)

Post-Mortem hair: envelope

Late Victorian post-Mortem hair: envelope

I’ll fill in the info. and a few details when I get the chance (and add a few close-up images: the wear and mending patterns might be interesting to anyone into artefact biographies)

Victorian post-mortem hair

Victorian post-mortem hair